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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 2, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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story. >> she is so cute. that story is really tough. we'll tell you about that coming up. also, the makeover at mcdonald's. why they're cutting back on some of their healthier selections this morning. and what their fast food competitors had people behind the golden arches making some big changes. that's coming up. we begin with the budget deal that wasn't. the president and congressional leaders failed to hammer out a deal that resulted in $85 billion in budget cuts. the first slashes, military spending and employee furloughs. and that's just the beginning. abc's reena ninan has the latest details from the white house. good morning, reena. >> reporter: congressional leaders met here at the white house on friday. senior administration officials saying there was nothing new. no negotiations. sequestration was set to force congressional leaders into acting on reducing the budget. that didn't happen. it's official. overnight, president obama signing orders to start $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts. >> it's just dumb. and it's going to hurt.
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it's going to hurt individual people. and it's going to hurt the economy overall. >> reporter: this white house press conference would have been framed as just another dustup between the president and his republican opponents. until mr. obama seemed to mix up this quip. >> i'm presenting a fair deal. the fact they don't take it means i should somehow do a jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right. >> reporter: for those who didn't catch it, the president seemed to confuse "star trek's" vulcan mind meld with "star wars'" jedi mind tricks. but whether president obama is really the vulcan in chief -- >> most illogical. >> reporter: or the republic's first jedi -- these cuts will do anything but bring balance to the force. >> right at midnight tonight, we will begin to relieve training for units. >> reporter: as early as monday, some federal employees could be
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beamed down on furloughs. >> help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. >> reporter: many believe the dark side hasn't won just yet. the feds are fighting off the dire consequences. like airline backups due to fewer airline controllers. an faa official estimates furloughs won't begin until april. republicans say the president won't cut entitlements. >> it's about taking on the spending problem here in washington. >> reporter: the president says he can't go darth vader on the other side. >> i'm not a dictator. i can't have secret service block the doorway. >> reporter: as for the sci-fi mixup, the white house sent out this tweet, poking fun. and the man who played mr. spock, leonard nimoy, tweeted, only a vulcan mind meld will help this congress. the next budget deadline comes in a matter of weeks. dan? >> reena, thank you. i'm not sure a vulcan mind meld will work on this congress. let's bring in john avlon, a
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senior columnist at "newsweek" and the daily beast. john, good morning. >> good morning. >> you know, what's so frustrating for americans is these cuts were supposed to be so dire, that neither side could allow them to happen. here we are. they happened. why can't these parties come together? >> this is what's so frustrating. we knew about this for 16 months. and yet, there was no action in congress this week. we've had a different problem. we've had divided government in the past. we got a lot of great things done. from the marshall plan to the reagan area. the parties are so polarized, there aren't the conservative democrats and progressive republicans that could form coalitions when there was a divide in government. you have this gridlock. you have a stalemate. and the american people are paying the price literally today. >> what about the argument that the budget cuts are a good thing? everyone agrees in a the american government needs to tighten its belt. and this is a start. >> these were designed to be such broad, deep cuts, they would compel congress to be smart and find a way to work together. it's the scalpel versus machete metaphor.
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it's overused but there's a rationale to it. there are places we can cut. we should cut inefficient programs. these broad, deep cuts end up affecting some programs disproportionately. end up cutting things that work along with things that don't work. everybody in congress says they don't want this to happen. but we're paralyzed. we have a high-stakes political game of poker. who is going to blink first and come up with a grand bargain? which is what we really need to deal with the deficit. >> all right. john avlon. who knows if that grand bargain will ever be struck? we appreciate you coming on. thanks very much. we're going to turn to the other developing story this morning. that enormous sinkhole that opened up under a house in florida, swallowing a man in his bed. crews are starting work again on this house that could collapse at any moment. and abc's gio benitez is on the scene for us, in seffner, florida. gio, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. as you can see behind me, rescuers are just getting back to work, trying to find a way to get to the man who is buried underneath this house. but this morning, they do believe, that man is dead.
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overnight, new word as rescuers try to figure out how to even get inside the house. >> i'm being told that it's seriously unstable. so, that's the dilemma. the dilemma is very painful dilemma for everyone. >> reporter: in no time, the sinkhole swallowed up a full bedroom and 36-year-old jeff bush. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed. and my brother-in-law's in there. he's underneath the house. >> reporter: bush's brother, desperately trying to save him. >> i jumped in the hole. i was trying to dig him out. i couldn't find him. i started digging. and started digging. and the cops showed up and pulled me out of the hole. and told me the floor's still falling in. >> reporter: what started as a sinkhole 15 feet deep late thursday night, has opened up even further. it's some 30 feet across and up to 100 feet deep. >> until we know where it's safe to bring the equipment, we really are just handicapped and paralyzed. >> reporter: at any moment, the whole house could come crashing down. >> it should have collapsed by now.
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so, it's amazing that it hasn't. >> reporter: here's what's so difficult about this. you know, this ground, the radar has detected that the ground surrounding this house is very soft. and so, of course, that makes the rescue operation quite difficult. dan? >> thanks, gio. you can see the anguish in his brother's face. unimaginable. let's turn to abc's john muller, in for ron claiborne. he has the other stories developing. good morning, john. >> good morning, guys. we're going to begin with a major turn of events in chicago. the city trying to shake its reputation for violent crime. suddenly, the murder rate there is showing a real decline. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: after months of murders, finally, a break on the streets of chicago. february ended with the least number of homicides this city has seen in six decades. >> it's not a victory in any way, shape or form. but it's certainly not failure. >> reporter: chicago, for many, it has become an urban war zone. more than 500 murders in 2012. the murders here got worldwide attention when 15-year-old
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hadiya pendleton was gunned down just a week after performing with her high school band at president obama's inaugural festivities. the first lady attended her funeral. and the president later visited chicago to address the violence. it's too early to call this decline in crime a trend. but they are already looking at what may be helping. like the police department's aggressive approach to get guns off the street. 1,100 guns so far this year. many from gun buyback programs. also, the 200 officers that were recently shifted from desk jobs to the city's violent hot spots. and many credit the communities themselves for standing up to violence. community activist father michael pfleger has spent decades fighting violence here. and started a basketball tournament for rival gang members that has inspired a truce. no shootings in his neighborhood since the league started six months ago. >> i want to be optimistic and say i hope this is the beginning of a turnaround.
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>> reporter: a turnaround, the entire city is hoping will last. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. in connecticut, a popular basketball coach forced to resign because of a movie he appeared in ten years ago, back calling the shots today. coach mike hvizdo is back coaching, three weeks after the district kicked him off the bench. the school was upset about the sexual content of the movie. >> 30 kids in this program like my sons. they're my family. and they were taken away from my life three weeks ago. and it's been really rough. so, it's probably the most important thing right now for me to get on that sideline. >> coach hvizdo was allowed to return after angry parents came to his defense. and just in time. the state playoffs begin on monday. finally, not exactly the kind of rescue firefighters had in mind when they went through their training. in florida, five fighters saving
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a baby raccoon with a soup can on its head. someone dropped it off with a note asking for help. took about a minute to cut him free. after that, he was sprinting under a car and looking for more trouble. good thing he's a baby. the grown-up raccoons are kind of scary. >> they can be nasty. >> firefighters have to be prepared for anything. >> just about anything. you got that right. >> thanks, john. now, to the infant who has captured the city of houston. her name, baby chloe. she was found abandoned, wrapped in a plastic bag by a woman out walking her dog. this morning, the scramble to find the baby's parents. and the unusual clue that could break this case. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: she is the cutest little thing in the world. with a smile that melts your heart. >> she's smiling. >> get it. >> reporter: little more than a week old, and already a tiny tooth. her doctors and state caretakers say they're falling in love, calling her baby chloe. last week, she was found outside this houston apartment building by a woman walking her dogs. >> more than likely, the mother
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did not have any kind of prenatal care. >> reporter: she weighed just four pounds. doctors say she was born preterm. and the paramedics who treated her say she had clearly just entered the world. police are hoping her mother or some other relative comes forward to either claim her or officially allow another family custody. >> hopefully, once we get that sorted out, she will be placed in a loving home. there are no shortage of people who want her. >> reporter: they're so determined, they're working with the most successful sketch artist in the state. >> the same shape. and then, it lifts up -- >> reporter: lois gibson says she tried to interpret what the girls' parents might look like by studying the infant's features. >> people recognize that smile. all i had to do was put teeth. >> reporter: she said to focus on the faces. these images might resemble her parents. investigators are looking closely at that cute, little bottom tooth. a unique genetic trait, seen 1 in 2,000 births. nearly 20% of the time, that tooth could be tied to a family history.
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across houston, families can't believe no one has yet come forward. authorities say the child could have been left at a police or firestation. but was instead, left right here. they plan to charge the parents, if they can find them. they say fortunately, they're taking calls from around the world, from families begging to adopt this baby. bianna? >> all right, steve. i can never understand the stories. why can't they drop them off at a hospital? fortunately that baby was found. so cute. >> hopefully they find those parents. now, the latest maneuvering in the fast food wars. mcdonald's, strategically dropping some prominent menu items. >> is mickey ds reacting to pressure from its rivals? and what does it mean for loyal customers? abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: could it be we're not really loving all of the items on mcdonald's menus? the fast food giants are putting foods that have been around for
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years on the chopping block. first to get sliced, select chicken strips. next, fruit and walnut salads are gone, too. and those angus third pounders, well, they may also be going the way of the mcdlt. the company makes decisions on what to add and what to remove on our menu on a case-by-case basis. but the changes come just as the fast food wars are heating up. mcdonaldland has gotten used to the hamburglar making off with food. but lately, chief rivals burger king and wendy's have been catching up with sales. in january, mcdonald's reported its first sales drop in nine years, after its competition announced an increase. both chains crediting menu changes for the boost. burger king is targeting coffee. >> taste testing our new mild coffee. >> reporter: and new gourmet blends. and wendy's is stressing not just its premium ingredients. >> it's north pacific cod, right on the bag. >> reporter: but premium digs. remodeling its restaurants to include fireplaces.
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don't expect ronald and company to go quietly, though. ♪ fishy, fishy >> reporter: mcfish bites are just one of the balls in mcdonald's canons. in a public statement, ceo don thompson blamed the economy for the sales dip. and he says he's confident the golden arches will be able to stay on top. guys, it's been 60 years, menu evolution at mcdonald's. one of the big flops came in 1963. it was a slice of pineapple with melted cheese in a bun. and it was aimed at catholics who didn't eat meat on a friday. >> wow. interesting. >> i'm shocked to hear that didn't work. >> i'm shocked at the fireplaces. i haven't seen one yet. >> wendy's remodeling 20% of their locations across the u.s. it's going to cost a lot of money. >> thank you. well, this morning, we're remembering a television icon. actress bonnie franklin died friday at the age of 69, after a battle of pancreatic cancer. for a generation of single mothers, she embodied their struggles and their triumphs,
7:14 am
with her pioneering role as a divorced mom raising two teenage daughters on "one day at a time." abc's chris connelly has the story. ♪ this is it this is it >> reporter: through nine seasons, as single parent, ann romano, bonnie franklin was one of the mightiest moms in sitcoms. >> we better get this all out in the open. i'm not married. >> reporter: raising two daughters. one aching to drive in the fast lane. >> sex is like peanuts. once you start. you just cannot -- >> reporter: the other, still parked at the curb. >> i want to be a nice girl. i want to be like julie. >> reporter: always offering compassion, a quick wit and a ready-for-anything attitude. >> we have to go out and make it on our own. >> reporter: but from its 1975 premiere, this norman lear produced show struck a nerve. >> i guess it's been a long time since you had a man sleep over, huh? >> no. >> reporter: franklin's
7:15 am
feminism, bringing a bracingly up-to-date reality to the standard sitcom. as she recalled for "good morning america" at a "one day at a time" tvland cast reunion just last year. >> we were reflecting what was out there. it just had not been on television before. >> and it's all worth it. >> reporter: bonnie franklin's career went beyond television. her 1970 broadway musical debut, earned her a tony nomination. and she showcased her dancing skills in a workout dvd, entitled "i hate to exercise. i love to tap." yet, it's "one day at a time" that will be her beloved legacy. not just with audiences. but with the cast that treasured her always. in the wake of her death, valerie bertinelli tweeting, my heart is breaking. >> stick with me, huh? we'll make it. i promise. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> i loved that show growing up. >> i did, too.
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>> great show. let's check the forecast with ginger zee. good morning. >> good morning to you. it's been snowing in the southeast. overnight, a couple of pictures here. that's from wsb, north of atlanta. from blairsville, georgia. i want to flip through. huntsville, alabama, also a little coating of snow. and north and west of nashville. they wanted a snow day yesterday. not sure they got it. but here's more snow for you. flakes flying from birmingham to huntsville. and some of the higher elevations will get the one-inch to three-inch range. it's not a lot. but a lot of cold air with it. watch as the high pressure system pulls down. a whole bunch of cold air. nashville's high today, only 40. but ten degrees or so below average in miami. 68 for a high today. all that cold air is not only settling and staying. freeze warnings in atlanta. 25 tomorrow morning. 29 by monday morning. new orleans, hardly at freezing. raleigh, orlando, not a whole lot warmer. there's another storm i need to alert you about. it's going to move through the
7:17 am
northern plains at the end of this weekend. and target the mid-atlantic or southeast. we'll be following that one and fine-tune it as it gets colder or closer. here's where you go to get warm. one more day. l.a., usually 68 or so. los angeles, today, 84. >> if you've been watching during the week, we've had those big snowstorms. i've been standing in them. so, i see how quickly it falls. but this is a really good way to
7:18 am
see how fast it adds up. 11:15, to 11:45. it goes from nothing to almost completely covered. the flakes were so huge. at mizzou, the campus there, had a little fun with thomas jefferson, putting a bear on his lap. i'll have more coming up in the next half hour. >> excellent. thank you, ginger. now, to a genre of story for which we have deep affection here at "gma." the stupid criminal story. >> one of our favorites. this one is about a guy in portland, oregon, who accidentally called 911, in the middle of a meth deal. so, what happened next? abc's tanya rivero is here with that story. >> reporter: hey. you know, we've all done it. we're all guilty of the pocket dial. and while the mistake calls can get you into hot water. sometimes they can get you arrested. >> 911. where's your emergency? >> reporter: when the 911 call came in, dispatchers initially dismissed it as another pocket or purse dial, until they heard this.
7:19 am
>> i got 40 on me. so, the only issue is seeing the product before the purchase. >> reporter: the call sounded like a drug deal going down. >> yeah. i definitely need a 40. and please let it be good. i'm so tired of getting ripped off. >> reporter: officers traced the phone to an alley, just a block away from the police department, where they say they busted this man, rally reynolds, along with the woman on the phone, on drug charges. >> for an open 911 call to lead us to a drug deal. that does not happen very often. >> reporter: but believe it or not, this is not the first time the law has lucked out this way. >> you should be able to get the toyota. >> reporter: washington police nabbed an alleged car thief in 2012, after he pocket dialed 911 four times. in january, it only took florida deputies ten minutes to zero in on 19-year-old matthew dollarhide. >> i'm getting pulled over. i'm going to jail, dude. >> reporter: after his chat about allegedly selling prescription drugs was overheard by dispatchers.
7:20 am
>> i want one pill out of it. >> reporter: usually, a butt dial gets a quick hangup. but not from a 911 operator. they keep listening. >> hello? 911. >> reporter: police welcome these derriere dials from criminals. they say it's the next-best thing to turning themselves in. but pocket dialing 911 has become a big problem, with some emergency centers reporting one-third of all incoming calls as accidental. they're asking the law-abiding public to lock it before you pocket. >> we want to be sure. if you're a criminal, don't lock it before you pocket. the rest of us -- all right. thank you, tanya. coming up here on the broadcast, an extraordinary scene inside the courtroom, as the verdict comes down in the case of a star quarterback accused of a crime that could have put him away for decades. it divided a small town. that verdict coming up. plus, ridiculous rent. you'll never believe how much this home costs to rent.
7:21 am
the home to stars like steve martin, complete with 29 bathrooms and, get this, its own nightclub. we'll take you on a tour you won't believe. stuck in an elevator and caught on tape. how the stars from abc's "modern family" got trapped in kansas city. what they did to amuse each other. and how they finally got out. keep it here on "gma." we're back in just a few minutes. wait for it... wait for it...
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♪ you're looking at a scene from "modern family." but members of the cast played a very different scene overnight, as they were stuck in an elevator for an hour. so, how did they get out? we have the videotape of their very funny rescue, coming up. this is when your true comedic side comes out. >> sure. you're tested. >> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. they were stuck in there with some strangers. if you were going to be stuck in an elevator with anybody, these are good people to get stuck with. this is saturday, march 2nd. news you can use for house-hunters. the rent on this bungalow, $600,000 a month. >> what? >> what do you get for all that cash? our nick watt in a brave search for answers.
7:29 am
>> a tough one for him. $600,000. also this morning, jennifer lawrence is keeping busy after her oscar win. hollywood's it girl has a new gig as a matchmaker. she wants to set up a co-star. but will her efforts have a silver lining? >> well done. i should have seen that one. we're going to start with a verdict in a case we've been following from the start here on "gma." a case that tore apart a small town. the former star quarterback with the university of montana, found not guilty late yesterday in an on-campus assault. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: this morning, 20-year-old jordan johnson is a free man. once facing up to 100 years in prison until this moment. we, the jury, find the defendant, jordan johnson not guilty. >> prosecutors tried to prove the former university of montana
7:30 am
star quarterback raped a fellow student, after she invited him to her room last year to watch a movie. >> she's terrified. she tells him no. >> the evidence shows that there was consent. >> reporter: the trial divided the town of missoula. a case of he said -- >> i would never do that to anyone. >> reporter: versus she said. >> he started pulling my body into his -- again and again and again. it hurt so bad. >> reporter: a medical exam revealed bruises on the accuser's body. but the defense countered with text messages she sent to a friend. writing in one, i don't think he did anything wrong. in the end, the jury agreed. prosecutors say they're disappointed. but do not regret bringing the case to trial. meanwhile, johnson's family says the quarterback was robbed of that role. and 15 months of his life. >> he's planning on staying here and playing football. that's why he came. so, i'm hoping things get back to normal real quick. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:31 am
america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton. time, now, for a check of the other headlines. john muller in for ron claiborne. >> good morning, everybody. in the news, $85 billion in forced spending cuts now in effect. reluctantly into signed to law by president obama. the white house and gop leaders blame each other for not averting the cuts. mitt romney in the spotlight briefly. he will deliver a speech at cpac this month. romney gave an interview, criticizing president obama's leadership. in california, rescuers are trying to help some wayward dolphins. it took about five hours to get them pointed in the right direction toward the deeper water. and finally, today marks what would have been dr. seuss' 109th birthday. the stories often inspired by the sights and sounds of his own hometown, springfield, massachusetts. my favorite, "green eggs and
7:32 am
ham." i don't know why. just love that one. let's check out the weather. ginger? >> agreed on the "green eggs and ham." let's get to the cool and breezy forecast in the northeast. parts of the mid-atlantic, too. let's start in washington, d.c. a nice shot. but it's breezy and cool. just above the freezing mark now. only going to go to 44. average high this time of year, more like 51. burlington to portland. maybe a little snowflake in there. or more than just a snowflake. of course, you've had quite a bit. especially in parts of maine. and i told you about the other storm that's dropping into the plains. behind it, colder air. look at los angeles. today's 84. by monday, 68. reno goes from 68 today to 59 on monday. so, the cooler air filtering in the west. and that cold blast holding on for the weekend, from atlanta to parts of florida.
7:33 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by neutrogena cosmetics. >> thanks. now, to one of our favorite stories of the week. we couldn't resist bringing it to you again this morning. it's a truly one-of-a-kind rental opportunity in the heart of beverly hills. >> perfect for a large family or for all of your friends. 17 bedrooms. 21 bathrooms. a little nightclub for entertaining. all yours for a mere 600,000 bucks a month. abc's nick watt, taking us on a tour, now. >> reporter: who could possibly live in a place like this? the answer, could be you. nice. it is possibly an understatement. if you can afford the rent. $600,000 a month. yes, you heard me right. it's not my accent. $600,000 a month. william randolph hearst lived his final years with the glamourous movie star marion davis. and he brought the ceilings with him. from his castle.
7:34 am
and steve martin bought the place when "the jerk" hit riches. >> we don't want any vegetables. >> reporter: whitney lived here in "the bodyguard." you might argue the house is a better actor than costner. we all know this view. >> legendary view from a hollywood movie. that's the famous staircase from "the godfather." >> reporter: all yours for $20,000 a day, plus a gigantic security deposit. has anyone ever trashed the place? >> no. >> reporter: this one of the only old-school beverly hills estate is also for sale for the right buyer. >> it's going to be a buyer who will live here maybe six weeks, eight years out of the year. has multiple homes around the globe. >> reporter: sorry. someone's going to pay 115 million bucks to live here for six weeks a year? >> exactly. >> reporter: buy or rent, we're
7:35 am
talking 17 bedrooms, 29 bathrooms, a nightclub and a gentleman cave. that's like a man cave but lined with vintage french wine. do you have to pay utilities? >> utilities are included. >> reporter: just checking. i wish i could say it was gaudy and gauche. but it's not. it's lovely. i'd love to live here. but they wouldn't cut a deal. it really is 600 grand a month. i can dream about it. i can dream about living here. and i will. and i will. ain't nothing wrong with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, beverly hills. >> john was saying, it's true. you would think maybe it would be a little gaudy and gauche. but it's not. it's really nice. >> how about watt taking on costner? >> yeah. >> that was rough. i think costner's going to make watt an appointment for a fight in the gentleman cave. coming up here on "good morning america," if you had to be stuck in an elevator, who better to be trapped with than the cast of "modern family"? we're going to take you inside the rescue and the breaking details.
7:36 am
this developing story from overnight, coming up. bradley cooper did not win the oscar. but still a silver lining for him, thanks to co-star, jennifer lawrence. so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪
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♪ members of the "modern family" cast had a very eventful evening yesterday. a fund-raiser, meeting people in kansas city. and a jam-packed elevator they got stuck in for an hour. >> as a man with claustrophobia, it sounds like a bit of a drag. but apparently it ended up being fun. it was all caught on tape. and all on twitter. and john is back with the story. >> you know, guys, getting stuck in an elevator as we know in new york city, can be a lonely feeling. but not this time. cast members of "modern family," capturing enough material for a real sitcom episode. tweeting their fans. and turning stress into laughs. >> get us out. >> get us out. >> get us out. >> reporter: this sticky situation is not a scene from an episode of "modern family." >> get us out. >> reporter: last night, cast members julie bowen, eric stonestreet and jesse tyler ferguson found themselves in a tight situation in kansas city. stuck?
7:41 am
a crowded elevator with 15 other people. >> get us out. >> reporter: and like a scene out of the hit sitcom -- >> whatever drama she's going through can wait. >> reporter: they made it funny. >> get us out. >> reporter: the trio were in kansas city for a fund-raiser. but on the way to their 9:00 p.m. appearance, they got stuck. but they made the most of it, taking pictures, making videos and sharing it with their fans. ferguson tweeting, finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one-hour mark. at least the firemen in k.c. are cute. bowen said, after a quick hour trapped in the service element, we were rescued by duke and the fire department. and ever the clown, eric stonestreet tweeted, i handled being stuck in an envelope for 50 minutes than i thought. all jesse tyler did was pass wind. the trio made it to the stage an hour later, joking with the crowd about their ordeal. stonestreet ended the evening saying, have a great night. and don't use the elevator. >> i hope we have vodka. >> we don't, mitchell. >> vodka would help, wouldn't it? the overwhelming feeling at the event was that
7:42 am
the cast could use this incident for a real "modern family" episode, which sounds like a pretty good idea. maybe a little more dramatic, like a woman has to give birth in the elevator. couldn't you see that? >> i like john's advice. carry a flask of vodka. >> nice. >> what do you think would happen if that happened to us? >> one person would survive. >> get us out. >> my money's on ginger. >> she would get us out. >> open the top. don't worry about it. coming up on "good morning america," hey, 19. did justin bieber just turn 19? did he overdo it celebrating his birthday? >> look at that. >> all that coming up next in "pop news." wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
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all right.
7:47 am
you can't see offcamera, we have somebody dancing. it's time for "pop news." here with us is rachel smith. and during the break, described herself as crazy perky. >> yes. crazy perky. it's great to bring my crazy perky self-back to new york. a little thing called the oscars happened last weekend. and let's bring you back this week. oscar winner jennifer lawrence says her latest job is exhausting. the gig? playing matchmaker to her "silver linings playbook" co-star bradley cooper, who she considers a brother. the ultimate it girl said, all i've been doing him lately is setting him up. bradley split from his girlfriend in december. i love how you raised your eyebrow there, ginger. all she's been doing is setting him up lately. >> she's single. >> i do, too. >> call us. right here. >> she starts production on a
7:48 am
third film with her co-star in a matter of just weeks. they're teaming up again here shortly. crazy. yeah. going to score you some -- >> ginger_zee. justin bieber has also been busy. he was celebrating his 19th birthday in style. or maybe we should say out of it. after a concert in birmingham, england, he headed to his hotel for a quick change. and he showed up shirtless with his blue leather pants hanging halfway off. and he did manage to get into that quick change. you know, posed for some pictures with his fans and everything. i think all he really needed was a belt, perhaps. allegedly he has the beauty thing covered. accompanied by a girlfriend that evening. 17-year-old aspiring singer, ella page roberts clark. yes. crazy. >> right? we love cute and cuddly animal videos here at "gma." and here's one of a 3-month-old
7:49 am
polar bear cub, making her public debut at the new zealand zoo on friday. how precious is she? she was born in late november. the fund-raiser efforts are asking area residents to raise $4 million to build a new polar bear exhibit. i mean, look at her. she's precious. i want to get you guys in on a little secret before i leave today. say hello to chipotle's quesarito. it's a quesarito. it's a quesadilla in a burrito. you can only get it at select chipotles. you can't get it everywhere. the item is not on the menu. puts together two favorites. >> we have to head to commercial break. i'm not going to take one. >> eat it, dan. come on. >> superperky rachel and i will be back after a quick break. don't go anywhere. we're right back. wears off.
7:50 am
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that's it for us. john, thanks so much for filling in. >> had some laughs with the gang. >> always online at >> and ginger's phone number is 646 -- >> call her. good morning, i'm katie marzullo. 200 volunteers from san companies will donate their time to kids today. it's the inaugural college track day in san francisco.
7:55 am
day hunter point students will meet with mentors. they represent fields including technology, science and sales. san francisco mayor ed lee plans to be there to talk about internship. >> another chance to share in the glory of the san francisco giants. the trophy tour visits the robert livermore community center from 11:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon. fans love the opportunity to take the picture with the world series trophies and they are zod make a donation to the junior giants baseball league. it serves more than 20,000 boys and girls in 80 communities throughout northern california. time to get a check of the weather. good morning to you. taking a look at the bay bridge right now where temperatures are nice and mild. in fact overnight, we're a little warmer and as a result.
7:56 am
temperatures in the 40s and 50s 50s. 47 in fairfield, with 51 in fremont. 53 in napa. here is our radar and satellite composite. it does tell the story with increasing higher clouds so we have a dome of high pressure that will keep us dry and temperatures above normal but just a little bit cooler than yesterday. the trend is for more of an onshore component. that is going to bring high temperatures along the shoreline lower. a little cooler, 61 at half moon bay, san francisco and oakland still pretty mild in the upper 60s. you head inland and we still have lower 70s for san jose and concord. showers coming our way tomorrow. congress and the president can't agree so the president orders $85 billion in sequester cuts, what that means here. and another bay area gun buy-back, where it is happening and what you need if you want to trade in your gun. "abc 7
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> katie: good morning, i'm katie marzullo. let's start you off with a look at the gets. here is lisa argen. >> the view from mount tam. we do have a few high clouds around. this is allowing for some of that filtered sunshine around the bay. 40s and 50s and we're talking about another day with above normal temperatures. temperatures will range from the 60s at our coast, more of an onshore push from the 70s from san jose down to monterey. we'll look for the numbers to stay mild tonight with the increased cloud cover. if you are headed up to the north bay for the little league game in petaluma, numbers in the mid 40s. one of the cooler locations right on through the afternoon. temperatures range from the mid 50s to mid-60s. you are going to be cooler today. with the high clouds, upper 60s for the afternoon high coming in at about 3:00, 4:00.
7:59 am
by the evening hours, we are talking about mild numbers in the 70s. rain is in the forecast, a chance of it for the second half of the weekend. looking somewhat unsettled ahead. >> katie: we have a breaking news. police in san francisco have shot and killed a man. police say the incident begin in daly city where police started chasing two men in a car that had been reported stolen. it entered san francisco and ended at bayshore boulevard and hector avenue just off of highway 101. that is where police say two men judged out of the car and the car crashed into the back of a patrol car. officers fired and one suspect was killed. suspected man was taken into custody. investigation is ongoing at this hour. we'll bring you more details as they become available to us. santa cruz police officers are back on duty just days after two of their own


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